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Bipolar Vector Regurgitation -
seven and a switchblade
You asked for it, so I'm trying to do something about it:

Funny, this silly little thing has already been BoingBoinged AND featured in some other... thing. I forget where it was. Anyway.
I'll let everyone know when they're ready. It's a pretty involved process, so I'll probably be asking $20 each, and maybe $15 for the slightly imperfect "rejects". (Not all of them etch properly, but still look pretty neat).


Been making a bit of progress on Mr. Leviticus.

And thanks to Mr. Jeremy (psychomelody), it was featured #1 on YouTube's "Gadgets & Games" category! An awful lot of exposure all of a sudden. Very strange.

Gonna put some coffee on and get back to work. Also, my site at IS coming soon, by the way. I've just been juggling way too many things at once to finalize everything.


EDIT: 10-20-07

The OFFICIAL PCB Skull Bracelets are now available. Contact me or visit for more details.